Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke - Stroke Family Support

Our Family Support service is available to people affected by stroke no matter what stage they are at in their journey. We are here to make sure you know that you are not alone.

Our compassionate and dedicated co-ordinators will begin by providing you and your family with support and information following a stroke, and will help you navigate the journey ahead.

We will offer to meet you in your home, or another suitable location. We will listen to you and help you prioritise issues arising from the stroke. We will help you get more support e.g. from our other NICHS services, or put you in contact with other services in your local area we know will help you.


  • We are patient and take time to allow you to talk about how stroke is affecting you
  • We will visit you at home or in hospital, or you can speak to us by phone
  • We will listen carefully to identify your individual needs as a stroke survivor or carer


  • We have met many people like you
  • We are empathetic and can put ourselves in your shoes
  • We will treat you as an adult and will never belittle you


  • We have helpful information packs about stroke
  • We offer advice on how to cope with stroke
  • We give advice on preventing another stroke


  • We offer physical, emotional, social and practical support
  • We provide support to the stroke survivor, their carer and their family
  • We are here whenever you need us, for as long as you need us

If you would like to find out about someone who has benefited greatly from our Stroke Family Support services or to access them for yourself, please follow this link.