safefood - Eatright

Eatright is an all-island food skills resource for teachers working with Early School Leavers. Young people who leave school early are at risk of poor health.

Many have nutritionally poor diets and take little physical activity. safefood and FSA Northern Ireland have developed this resource with guidance from the ESL sector in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Module 1: Healthy eating

Healthy eating guidelines can be difficult to understand. And even more difficult to apply to everyday life. This module uses everyday food and meals to explain what the food groups are and their role in maintaining a balanced diet. Download Module 1.

Module 2: Food safety

We all know what it's like to get a dose of food poisoning. It can be very unpleasant and even worse, life-threatening. This module explains how food poisoning can occur and what to do to avoid it. Download Module 2.

Module 3: Activity and energy

This module is packed with information about the energy we need and ideas for getting and staying active. Download Module 3.

For more information on the Eatright resource, click here.