Action Mental Health - Together For You

A partnership, led by AMH, who worked with 8 leading charities to improve mental health service delivery in Northern Ireland.

Together For You successfully reached over 52,000 beneficiaries over the life of the project, however with the conclusion of funding we can no longer accept referrals for services.

The partner organisations will continue to deliever other services which may be of use to those experiencing mental ill-health under alternative funding arrangements.

For the latest signposting information, please visit

The nine partners of Together For You were Action Mental Health, Aware, CAUSE, Cruse Bereavement Care, MindWise, Nexus NI, Praxis Care, Relate NI and The Rainbow Project.

Despite the end to funding, all nine organisations will continue to work together to share knowledge and campaign in order to improve mental health services for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Visit for the latest information from Together For You. Through a range of services, Together For You helped the young and old, men and women, minority groups (such as Black and Minority Ethnicities, and members of the LGBT community) and marginalised groups; prisoners, NEETS (Not in education, employment or training) and the unemployed.

What? Personal Development and Support

Who is it for? A range of services for everyone

Location? Across Northern Ireland

More info? 9 Leading Charities Who Came Together to Improve the Mental Wellbeing of People in Northern Ireland (