Advice NI - Wiseradviser: Debt and Pensions

This course focuses on pensions and their relevance to debt advice. Recent changes to pensions, including auto-enrolment and pension freedoms, mean that it's more likely that you will increasingly need to consider your clients' pensions as part of your debt advice. It's important that you understand the limits of the advice you can give within FCA regulations. This course will help you to keep within the regulations whilst providing helpful and appropriate advice and guidance.


By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Describe what a pension is and distinguish between different types of pension
  • Identify the regulations covering pensions and recognise the limits of advice that you can give in relation to debt and pensions
  • Describe what auto-enrolment is and how it works
  • Recognise the implications of auto-enrolment for debt advice
  • Describe the changes to pensions brought about by pension freedoms
  • Recognise the implications of pension freedoms for debt advice.


This course is worth 1 CPD Point under the NIAQS (Northern Ireland Advice Quality Standard).


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