Allergy UK - Product Endorsement Schemes

Allergy Research Ltd was established in 1998 to carry out business which supports the British Allergy Foundation by donating all its profits to the charity, for the benefit of those living with allergic disease. Allergy Research Limited (ARL) is a subsidiary of the charity British Allergy Foundation (BAF), which operates as Allergy UK.

These donations support the charity in carrying out its charitable objects to support those living with allergic disease.The charity and trading subsidiary are different entities and are administered separately. Allergy Research is a private limited company. 

Approved Products

These products may help make life more comfortable for people living with allergy. They have been reviewed or tested and approved by ARL.

Avoidance of allergy triggers is an important factor in managing an allergy. For people living with an allergy there is a significant benefit in choosing products which will help them to manage their condition. Product such as air filters, washing machines with allergy cycles, and specially formulated cleaning products can all play their part.  

Our Product Endorsement Scheme is recognised globally, providing assurance that a product has been scientifically tested by Allergy UK to confirm its claims. The development of this scheme several years ago forms part of our broader mission to help improve the lives of people living with allergy. The product choices in our schemes has grown to become a wide range of product types that can play a role in allergy management.  

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