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Talking Point is an online community where people with dementia – as well as anyone affected by the condition – are there for each other. The online community, Talking Point, is there for anyone affected by dementia, including people with a diagnosis themselves. 

Being told you have dementia has a big emotional impact, and talking about how you’re feeling can make a real difference. This could be with a partner, friends or family members.

However, many find it helpful to share feelings and thoughts with people they don’t know, but who get what they’re going through. 

This is what Talking Point is about, and it’s full of people who have had similar emotions and experiences. It’s easy to join, you don’t have to use your real name and it’s there 24/7.

Any subject 

Talking Point has a dedicated area for people who have a diagnosis of dementia, This means there’s always a place where you know there’ll be other people who understand what it’s like to live with the condition. 

Of course, you might not always feel like talking about dementia, and there are other places on Talking Point where you can talk about more light-hearted topics and share other parts of your life. 

Our ‘tea room’ is an area that’s specifically for community members to discuss things that aren’t focused on dementia. You can share jokes, join in a word game, tell people about things you’ve been doing lately, or simply say how your day has been.

Some Talking Point members say this helps them to escape the realities of being affected by dementia for a little while, and to just talk to like-minded people about things they enjoy. 

We also have an area for people to share the books, films, TV shows and music that they like or find useful, and another solely for poems. 

Dementia Support Forum

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