Anxiety UK - Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), developed by Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, is a psychological therapy approach that was originally developed to help people with high shame and self-criticism. CFT centres on the three systems of emotion regulation that has evolved in humans over time; the threat (protection) system, the drive (resource seeking) system and the soothing system.

CFT has been shown to be more effective for people who have high levels of shame and self-criticism that drives their anxiety than other more traditional forms of talking therapy. By addressing those patterns of shame and self-criticism, and developing your own self-compassion, CFT can be very helpful in the management of anxiety.

CFT can be delivered either as a stand-alone treatment/talking therapy approach in its own right, or can be blended with another form of talking therapy that your Anxiety UK Approved Therapist is trained & qualified to deliver e.g. clinical hypnotherapy, CBT or counselling.

CFT is available through Anxiety UK face to face, over the telephone or via webcam. Each session will usually last around 50-60 minutes and will typically be held on a weekly basis.

Duration of service: