Anxiety UK - Counselling

Counselling is a form of talking therapy that allows you to speak openly about your feelings. It can help you process any negative thoughts and work through problems you are struggling with. A counsellor is trained to provide you a safe environment to express yourself, and will listen empathetically and without judgement.

Counselling is helpful if you need extra support coping with difficult life events. You will be encouraged to bring you problems or issues to the therapy sessions, as counselling is led by you and not the therapist. Counselling can help you cope with and resolve feelings of shame, guilt, denial and anger.

A course of counselling will be around 6-15 sessions. As everyone is different you require more sessions, in which case your therapist will discuss this with you and their clinical supervisor to determine the best way forward. Each session will usually last around 50-60 minutes and will typically be held on a weekly basis.

Counselling is available through Anxiety UK face to face, via the telephone or via webcam.

Duration of service: