Arthritis Action - Personalised Member Pathway

Arthritis Action introduced a new service for Members in November 2019: the Personalised Member Pathway. It is a new service developed to support, guide and motivate Members to address both the mental and physical impacts of arthritis, actively involving them in their self-management.

The programme includes discussing current arthritis needs and impact of arthritis in their lives as a first step. Members are then able to set goals and access the right services, such as dietary support and one-to-one consultations, and clinical appointments with any of our Associated Practitioners.

The Pathway ensures Members become actively involved in their own care, treatment and self-management support, to improve their outcomes and experience.

If you would like to find out more about the Pathway, to access the service as a Member, or enquire about our Membership benefits, please phone the Arthritis Action team on 0203 781 7120 and ask to speak with Terry the Member Services Manager, or contact us by email: