ASCERT - Understanding Alcohol

This course provides a closer look at alcohol and its effects, impact on health and other issues, appropriate responses and the supports available. This course is available free to anyone working in the statutory or voluntary sector in Northern Ireland


After completing this course participants will:

  1. Be aware of the origins of Alcohol use
  2. Be aware of the prevalence of Alcohol use in Northern Ireland
  3. Understand the effects of Alcohol misuse on users and families
  4. Be aware of the legal issues regarding Alcohol use and associated behaviours
  5. Understand evidence and guidance regarding addressing Alcohol issues
  6. Understand the links between Alcohol and other health and social issues
  7. Be aware of local drug and alcohol services and how to refer to them

This course is suitable for people that have a basic awareness of effects of substances and want to get a more in depth understanding of Alcohol misuse.

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