Aware NI - Back to Life, Back to Normality

Back to Life, Back to Normality is a free 12-week mental health programme delivered by AWARE, the depression charity for Northern Ireland. The programme is divided into two 6-week courses, both using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) concepts. The programme is delivered in a group setting predominantly online.

What will I learn?

This programme will help you manage your feelings when you are stressed, worried or depressed. You’ll learn simple, practical skills to help you cope with life’s challenges. You’ll also be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and learn how to apply it to everyday life to feel calmer and less stressed.

Part 1 – ‘Living Life to the Full’ CBT course (2 hours per week)

A six-session course using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) concepts – the most evidenced-based talking therapy for people affected by low mood, anxiety or depression. It focuses on how we can change our thinking and behaviour to feel better and cope with life’s challenges.

Part 2 – Mindfulness (2 hours per week)

A six-session introductory course exploring what mindfulness is and how it can support you in everyday life. Each session will introduce a different practice and touch on various aspects of mindfulness, such as the body scan and mindful eating


Courses are delivered online in a group environment. Your participation in all classes on both courses is essential to achieving maximum benefit.