Aware NI - Online Support Groups

AWARE also offers an online support group service. The groups provide an opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences, to provide support to each other and share information.

Our peer-led online support groups are for anyone over 18 with an experience of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.  We offer this service for people who are unable or who don’t feel ready or able to access our face-to-face support groups.  This may be because they live too far from where our face-to-face groups are located, they may feel anxious about talking in a group of people or there may be other factors that make coming out to a support group impossible. 

The online support group is structured in a very similar way to our existing face-to-face groups. People will join the online group and will meet others in a confidential online setting. The difference between our face-to-face groups and the online group is that it will be delivered through the means of a Zoom video call. 

The online group will run weekly and group members will be asked to agree to be punctual, to treat the meeting as confidential and to be respectful and non-judgemental to other group members. The group meeting lasts an hour and will be facilitated by members of AWARE staff.

The purpose of our online support groups is that you will come together, online, with others who are experiencing similar problems to your own. Through peer support you will find out more about depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder and the treatments and services available. The online support group will help you to share your experiences, discuss self-help strategies and coping skills that will help in the process of your recovery.

If you would like to register please email