BITCNI - The Menopause & Me Digital Toolkit

We are delighted to provide this FREE digital toolkit. Designed in partnership with the Belfast Trust, we hope managers and employees within your business find these resources useful and informative. There are four tools provided:

1. Understanding the Menopause – A Guide for Managers

This seven minute video is designed to help line managers understand the symptoms and issues women face when managing the menopause. It also suggests potential actions managers can take to support their employees.

2. Managing Symptoms of the Menopause – A Guide for Women

This four minute video is designed to help women understand the potential symptoms of the menopause and encourages them to seek help from their line manager when needed.

3. The Menopause – HRT & Alternative Therapies

This four minute video focuses on the pros and cons of HRT and Alternative Therapies.

4. The Menopause – Signposts to Additional Support

This interactive document provides a range of clickable links that signpost users to a variety of sources. These are of benefit to women and line managers.

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