Bowel Cancer UK - Living With Stage 4

We’re a supportive and safe place for people with stage 4 bowel cancer living in the UK, supported and managed by Bowel Cancer UK.

We have a team of volunteer moderators who help keep our group a safe, friendly and supportive place. Please let them know about anything that you may be concerned about.

We’re a group of patients and not doctors, so please remember that nothing in this group should be considered professional medical advice and you should always talk to your GP or hospital team if you’re worried about any symptoms or before taking any new medications or supplements.

To ensure everyone gets the right support, this group is for patients only. Support for family and friends is available through our 'Caregiver help & support - Bowel Cancer UK' Facebook group, as well as through Bowel Cancer UK's forum which has closed sections for caregivers and bereavement support.

Please follow our rules to help us stay a safe and friendly space where everybody feels they can find and give support. We’re supported by Bowel Cancer UK but the charity is not responsible for the content of people’s posts. We’re a friendly and inclusive group so we remove posts that are inappropriate or offensive to others.