British Nutrition Foundation - A Matter Of Fat

Fat is an essential nutrient in our diet but may often be thought about negatively and associated with words like obesity, cholesterol and heart disease. Yet the simple term ‘fat’, is in fact far from simple. Some fats are better than others for our health, and some foods high in fat can play a part in a healthy, balanced diet.


We are increasingly aware that healthy eating can reduce risk of diseases like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Our understanding of how fat can be part of a ‘healthy diet’ is important.

This course is for those with an interest in nutrition and would be of particular use to those wanting to have a better understanding of fats in our diet. It is suitable for health professionals who may find an introduction or a refresher in this important area of nutrition useful. It will also be of interest to  those working in the food industry whether manufacturing, retail and catering.

This is a modular course that covers:

  • Module 1: What is fat and why do we need it?
  • Module 2: How much fat should we eat? How much fat do we eat?
  • Module 3: Fat and health: friend or foe?
  • Module 4: Function in food: from cakes to salad dressings
  • Module 5: Future of fat: reformulation?
  • Module 6: Special interest module: Sources of fats in healthy dietary patterns

In the first 2 modules the course covers the basics of fat, then it moves to looking at fat recommendations and UK intakes and the relationship between the dietary fats we consume and health. Next the course covers the use of fats in our food supply. Finally the course puts fat in the wider context of the dietary patterns we may consider for disease risk reduction.

The food industry is crucial in developing the food products that can allow consumers to make healthier choices. The amount and type of fats that manufacturers use and the reformulation of foods to improve the fat profile of the foods we buy can impact on our health.


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