Cruse Bereavement Care - One-to-One Support

We offer one to one sessions with one of our trained bereavement supporters. These usually take place over the phone or via a video call. You’ll normally see one of our volunteers between one and six times.

What happens during a session?

In one to one sessions you can explore your grief with your bereavement supporter. You can talk about the person who died, how their death is affecting you, and how you are coping. Using counselling skills, your supporter will help you to understand what you are going through and develop coping strategies.

How can it help me?

One to one support offers a safe, confidential space for you to explore emotions. It helps to you explore feelings and thoughts and make sense of your world. It can be very helpful if you are feeling a lot of distress.

Does everyone need grief counselling?

If you’re struggling with grief, you might have been told you need counselling. But there’s actually a range of different things that can help if you’re finding it hard to cope:

  • Reading about what you are going through and learning more about grief
  • A one-off call with the Cruse Helpline or a different organisation
  • Joining a support group or starting a new group activity

How can I get one to one support?

If you'd like to find out about our one to one grief support, please contact your local Cruse branch - Contact your local Cruse.