Friends of Suicide Loss - How We Can Help

Trained volunteers are available to offer confidential, practical support and information to families who have experienced a death by suicide. At the request of the family, the Suicide Outreach Support Person can call to the home or meet at a location appointed by the family. The outreach volunteer can be there as a friend, helper and supporter to the person bereaved during the days and months that follow and provide information and practical support concerning:

  • The funeral
  • Legal procedures
  • The Inquest
  • Entitlements
  • How to respond to children and under 18s
  • Signposting to appropriate support services
  • Dealing with neighbours and community
  • The Media
  • Information and leaflets on suicide bereavement
  • E-mail support and helpline
  • Distance support and Skype call
  • Information on one to one and group support
  • Information on other support services in the area
  • Caring Connections
  • Proceedings of the coroner’s inquest explained and simplified

The FOSL listening/support service is available to any person in the community including emergency personnel, gardai and clergy etc., who have in any way been affected by suicide. If you have lost someone through suicide and need support, please Contact Us.