GamCare - Online Forum

The GamCare Forum is an online message board, providing a safe and secure space for users (who may be gamblers or their partners, friends and family) to share experiences, thoughts and feelings about problem gambling.

Although the Forum is regularly moderated by the GamCare Team and we contribute and reply to many messages, it is designed first and foremost for you to come together with other people in similar situations, working through similar problems. The GamCare Forum is available 24/7 on our website.

How can it help me?

The Forum is a non-judgmental space where people are encouraged to post about how they are managing their recovery. Some members are just beginning their journey, others stopped gambling long ago and are there to support others to do the same. The community is supportive and friendly.

How do I join?

Anyone can read the forum, but to be able to post you need to register with us.

To register, you will need to provide your first name and valid email address, which we will use to contact you if we are concerned about you, or if you breach the Forum and Chatroom rules. You don’t need to provide any other personal details about yourself if you don’t wish to, and you can choose a ‘screen name’ if you would like to remain anonymous to other Forum members. You can create an account here.

How do I get started?

Introduce yourself in the New members section, and get some initial feedback and advice. Ask questions and share information about recovery in Overcoming Problem Gambling.

Start a Recovery Diary, where you can chart your journey away from problem gambling and receive support and encouragement on a daily basis from others in the community. If you are affected by another person’s gambling, you can read or post messages in the Friends and Family section.

Please note that every new user will find their first Forum post will need to be moderated by our Forum Admin. This is to minimise spam posts, which unfortunately can be a problem for any online Forum. This may take up to 24 hours, however thereafter, your posts will appear as soon as you write them. Thank you for your understanding.

What can I talk about in the forum?

By and large we allow the Forum to develop as its users need it, and moderators try to intervene as little as possible.

We ask that members abide by the forum rules and etiquette. We do not allow the forum to be used as a venue for politically motivated content.

We also do not allow users to discuss gambling in a way that might cause issues for other users – for example sharing tips or odds.

If you have a dispute with an operator or feel you have been unfairly treated, you will need to go through a complaint’s procedure with the operator themselves. GamCare cannot intervene on your behalf. For more information about complaints relating to a gambling business, please visit the Gambling Commission website.