Informing Choices NI - Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a Public Health Agency funded, community based teaching programme for parents and carers. It is free of charge and available to any group of parents and carers living within the Belfast or South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area


Speakeasy aims to encourage and support parents and carers to effectively communicate with their young people about growing up, relationships, sexuality and sex education.

Speakeasy recognises the significant role thatparents and carers play in their young people’s understanding of Relationships and Sexuality education (RSE). It is our experience that parents and carers can often feel a sense of dread with this new curriculum based subject.

Coupled with our modern world of online technology, teaching and ensuring age-appropriate discussions can be a challenge.

Speakeasy aims to increase confidence and self-assurance in parent-child communication. The project is informative and engaging and provides the opportunity for parents and carers to discuss and explore solutions that are relevant to them.

Speakeasy Programmes

Speakeasy educational sessions are designed to be flexible and needs-led. Programmes are usually delivered over a period of four to six weeks.

Some available options for Speakeasy are:

  • Coffee-morning chats (especially useful for parent and toddler groups)
  • Full Speakeasy course
  • OCN accredited Speakeasy
  • School-information sessions
  • Speakeasy can deliver 1:1 work on specific cases.

Speakeasy Topics

Speakeasy will address any subject relating to RSE. However, the following topics are always covered:

  • Body and puberty knowledge
  • My private space
  • Conception, pregnancy and “Where do I come from?” conversations
  • Sex and the law – consent
  • Contraception and STI prevention
  • Nurturing relationships
  • Healthy digital relationships

Contact details

Belfast and South Eastern Trust Areas - Roisin Flanagan, Speakeasy Project Officer. 3rd Floor, Ascot House, 24-31 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DB. Tel: 028 9031 6106. Email: