Macmillan Cancer Support - Be Mindful

Be Mindful is an online course that uses mindfulness techniques like meditation, breathing exercises and stretching, along with cognitive therapy to help people explore and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

The course teaches people more effective ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. The aim is to break the pattern of negative thoughts and feelings these produce. Doing this helps to maintain and improve people's well-being and quality of life. It is not a cancer specific service, but may benefit a person living with cancer.

The Be Mindful course is 10 sessions long and can be done at any time and at your own pace. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and includes videos and interactive sessions, as well as motivational emails.

There are also mindfulness tasks to do and self-assessment tools to help review what has been learned and to chart progress. The course can be completed in 4 weeks, but there is no time limit if people want to take longer.

Be Mindful can be used by anyone aged 16 years or older who wants to improve their mental health and enjoy the benefits of practising mindfulness. It is suitable for all, including beginners or people who have tried mindfulness before.

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