Macmillan - Specialist Counselling

Bupa is working in partnership with Macmillan to offer up to 6 free one-to-one counselling sessions for people living with cancer. These sessions are led by a qualified therapist, and can help you understand, manage and overcome difficult feelings you may have right now

How can Bupa counselling help me?

The service can help improve your quality of life by:

  • providing personalised support that responds to your situation and needs
  • reducing the fear, anxiety and/or depression that you might be feeling
  • improving how you cope emotionally with living with cancer or after cancer
  • helping you feel able to manage your own emotions
  • increasing your confidence and motivation.

Wellbeing Assessment process

The Bupa Support Team will do a Wellbeing Assessment to understand what emotional support you may benefit from. Bupa will contact you by phone at an agreed time and complete an assessment during the call. The Wellbeing Assessment will take up to 50 minutes to complete. Please make sure you are in a private space for the call and not distracted, for example driving a vehicle, when you speak to the practitioner.

After the assessment, you could either receive:

  • up to 6 free counselling sessions via phone or video call
  • a referral for one-off emotional support session for up to 1 hour
  • signposting back to Macmillan, your GP or the NHS.

If you are referred for counselling after the assessment, it will be carried out by a trained practitioner from Bupa or a partner organisation. You will be asked for your consent for your details to be transferred to the counsellor during your assessment appointment.

The Bupa Counselling Booking System

Click on the link ‘Book a Wellbeing Assessment’ to connect to Bupa’s appointment booking system. Once you select a date and time that suits you, you will need to tell them some personal details, such as your name, date of birth, contact numbers and email, and home address.

You can add extra information such as any accessibility needs or adjustments you may need. For example, a BSL interpreter or interpreter if English is not your preferred language.

Bupa will send you a booking confirmation about your Wellbeing Assessment appointment. Bupa recognise that when you give them personal information you’re trusting them to take good care of it. To get started, click this link - book a wellbeing assessment.