MindWise - Carer and Family Support

The Carer and Family Support service is aimed at carers and family members of people who experience enduring mental health issues. We also offer support to other professionals in the mental health field whose remit includes carer and family support.

Carers and family members rarely put their own needs first. Although caring for someone we love has great rewards, it can be tough for the carer to look after themselves, too. Carers are often isolated, suffering poor health and struggling financially because of caring for another.

We aim to improve the lives of carers and families through the provision of services that address three essential needs; emotional, practical and financial support.

What we do

We provide a suite of services to carers, families and professionals in several key areas. We offer advocacy, listening support, peer support through our carer and family groups, debt and financial advice, practical support around issues such as Self Directed Care, and signposting to other organisations which more specialised support and advice.

Areas we cover

We have dedicated carer and family support services in the Northern Health & Social Care Trust (NHSCT) and the South East Health & Social Care Trust (SEHSCT).

Our funding

The service is funded by Lloyds Banking Group. The NHSCT and the SEHSCT fund the carer and family support services in those Health and Social Care Trust areas.

How can I access your service?

We operate with an open-door referral system. Self referral, service user referral, other MindWise services, statutory services such as a Community Psychiatry Nurse (CPN) or Social Worker, GP’s, schools & other voluntary organisations are examples of how someone can access our support.   Contact Us to get more information on referring yourself to our service.