MindWise - WiseTalking Project

WiseTalking is a pilot Talking Therapies service for children and young people who are struggling with their mental health, provided by MindWise.  

What the project can offer

We offer free psychological therapies to 12–18-year-olds.  Our WiseTalking therapists specialise in counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.  You will be offered either one or a combined approach of both these methods.

The kind of issues you may be struggling with include:

  • Anxiety and self-esteem
  • Anger and behaviour issues
  • Family difficulties
  • Coping with changes and transitions
  • Bullying
  • Relationships
  • Issues at school

How it works

  1. Once you submit the form at the bottom of this page, you will receive a message to confirm that we have received it
  2. We will review your application form and assess the information provided. 
  3. Once your application has been assessed, we will advise if we can offer you talking therapy sessions and if successful, you will be assigned a therapist who will contact you (or your parent/guardian if appropriate) directly. 
  4. If you are unsuccessful, we will advise you (and your parent/guardian if under 16 years old) for what reason and if possible, signpost to more suitable organisations.

Who are WiseTalking?

MindWise WiseTalking counsellors are qualified therapists and accredited (or working towards accreditation) with BACP (British Association of Counselling Professionals) or IACP (international Association of Counselling Professionals).

All WiseTalking counsellors have extensive experience working with children and young people, with additional training in Lego-based Therapy undertaken to enable us to support young people with diverse needs and abilities. 

Are you eligible?