NSPCC - Seeking Solutions

Seeking Solutions offers children and young people help and support to deal with problems affecting their life, happiness or well-being.

The service helps to improve the young person’s confidence, skills and strengths, so they’re better prepared to cope with any future problems. It can help address a range of problems which could be affecting their life, including:

  • problems with relationships
  • peer pressure, bullying or problems with friends
  • family issues
  • coping with feelings like anger, sadness or rejection
  • low self-confidence
  • issues at school
  • managing anxiety.

Who is it for?

Seeking Solutions  provides support and advice to:

  • children and young people aged between 7 and 18 (young people can be referred up to their 19th birthday.) Younger children may be considered, depending on the individual
  • children and young people living with their parents or in care
  • children in need
  • children subject of child protection planning.

Where is Seeking Solutions available?

Belfast; Croydon; Gillingham; Jersey; Leeds/Bradford; Liverpool; Peterborough; Sheffield; Swindon ; Tidworth; York. Get in touch with one of these service centres.