Positive Life NI - One to One Support

Sometimes it can be good just to talk to someone about how HIV affects you, whether you have a positive diagnosis or are supporting someone who has. When you visit us you will talk to one of our Support Workers about the kind of support you think would benefit you most.

You might want to have a quick chat with someone or be referred on to a counsellor. We will work with you to plan how you want to use our services and/or put you in touch with other organisations as appropriate. We offer a wide range of individual support services for people living with or affected by HIV.

Counselling is offered in partnership with our team of qualified associate staff and Relate NI. You’ll be supported by a trained therapist to help you find ways to deal with emotional issues

One to one support with experienced and skilled support staff within Positive Life

Complementary therapies are delivered by our team of qualified associates and help with relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety

Advice, information and advocacy service is delivered in partnership with Advice Space and can help with a range of issues including PIP applications, general benefit checks etc.

We provide a range of support services including a freephone sexual health helpline on 0800 137 437, one-to-one and group support sessions, advocacy, complementary therapies, counselling, newly diagnosed information sessions, information and education workshops.