The Rainbow Project - Let's Talk GI 16-24

Let's Talk Gender Identity is an exciting training programme which uses creativity and informative workshops for people aged 16-24 explore and understand gender identity and how it relates to themselves and the world around them.

Facilitated by The Rainbow Project and supported by PEACE IV this course includes informative online workshops hosted on Zoom, an opportunity to make personal, gender based art work at home in your own time, and access to virtual film nights.

You will be given a certificate of participation on completion of course which will look great on your CV.

Participants will have the opportunity 'meet up' with old friends or make new ones, and develop good relations.

Topics covered:

  • Gender roles and stereotypes-what are they, where do they come from and how can we break free of them.
  • Gender equality is for everybody- a look at gender equality locally and globally and thinking about ways you may or may not be effected by issues of inequality related to your gender.
  • Introduction to Trans/intersex/non-binary people-trans issues are a hot topic in the media at the minute, but news items are often full of misinformation. This session has been created by trans people and will give you a real foundation of knowledge on the reality of trans, intersex and non-binary lives helping you to be a better ally/friend/family member/colleague.
  • How do our lives and surroundings influence our own gender identity-what is your own gender identity, how do you express it and how is it influenced by the time, place and culture that you live in. Includes examination of gender in the media.
  • Virtual film nights-watching films with particular relevance to the topics covered through out the workshop with discussion after wards

To find out more, or book onto the programme, please contact Ren on or call (028) 90319030 and leave a message, or send us a DM on the Rainbow Project Facebook page.