Relate NI - One At A Time Therapy

One At A Time Therapy is a single session of relationship counselling support, which can support individuals, couples and young people (aged 13-17) with their relationship well-being in the here-and-now.

During the session, your therapist will help you focus on Your One Thing – The issue which is affecting you most at that time – and support you with strategies to cope and move forward from this issue.

While we aim to provide you as much support as possible during your single session, additional sessions and other means of support are available should you need them.

So What’s Your One Thing?

  • Low mood? Low self-worth?
  • Disagreements over approaches to parenting?
  • Need help getting over a break-up?
  • New house or baby on the way?
  • Issues with your In-Laws?

No immediate issues but want to build the communication skills and wider ambitions to strengthen your relationships? Then One At A Time Therapy is also for you! Tell us ‘Your One Thing’, and we will contact you to discuss your options for coming into a ‘One At A Time Therapy’ Session. Each session cost £60 regardless if it is an individual or couple session.

Don’t forget to read “Important Information Before Booking An Appointment.”

Service Cost: