Related NI - Bank Workers Support

Even the most loving relationships will experience stress from time to time. But by investing in regular relationship maintenance, we can improve our wellbeing.

Relationship counselling is an effective form of relationship maintenance, particularly where there is ongoing relationship distress for a period of time.

Current or former employees of UK Banks and their loved ones are eligible for up to 6 sessions of counselling with a Relate NI professional, fully funded by The Bank Workers Charity.

Types of counselling available fully funded include;

To avail of this service, current or former employees with any UK Bank should contact the Bank Workers Charity using this form, and or by calling 0800 0234 834.

Following this, The Bank Workers Charity will then make your referral to Relate NI, allowing you and/or your loved ones to avail of 6 fully funded counselling sessions with one of our expert counsellors. Our team at Relate NI will then contact you within 2 working days to arrange your first session.

Applications can be made to The Bank Workers Charity for additional sessions, where the counsellor and client agree more sessions are needed. 

What issues does Relate NI help with?

Some common reasons people seek support include:

  • Couple relationships and their effects on children
  • Working away causing tensions/making it hard to find or hold down a relationship
  • Loneliness or loss related to relationships ending
  • Covid-19 related tensions, loneliness, anxiety and grief
  • Affairs and trust issues
  • Physical and or psychological issues with intimacy
  • Family separation, step family relationships, new families
  • Bullying, harassment, self-harm, school pressures impacting children and young people
  • Other issues such as money worries, parenting, addictions causing rows and arguments