New Year Reset with Vital Nutrition
11 January, 2022 - 12:00 to 1 February, 2022 - 13:00


Vital Nutrition’s New Year Reset is a 4-week course that will get you back into a healthy routine with a fresh start this New Year!

What's it all about?

1.Goal setting - Getting the foundations in place - Looking at weight, stress/anxiety, avoiding and recovering from burn out, adrenal fatigue, the importance of time-out

2. Energy gains and energy drains - Low GI diet, intermittent fasting, creating good habits, crush your cravings -Getting organised to save you time, effort and money

3. Adrenal stress & fatigue - What can you do? Energy fixes and advice

4. Momentum – let’s move forward! - Health coaching session & evaluation


Jane will be joining us every week over four weeks on the below dates and times:


  • 11th January 2022 from 12noon – 1pm
  • 18th January 2022 from 12noon – 1pm
  • 25th January 2022 from 12noon – 1pm
  • 01st February 2022 from 12noon – 1pm


To register for these sessions see to the right 

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