Lung Cancer Awareness Month
1 November, 2023 (All day) to 30 November, 2023 (All day)

Lung Cancer Awareness Month takes place throughout November. The campaign aims to encourage people displaying the symptoms of lung cancer to visit their GP.

Lung cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer. It is the most common cause of death from cancer for both men and women, claiming almost 35,000 lives a year. Early detection of lung cancer makes it more treatable, so encouraging people to recognise symptoms such as a persistent cough and see their doctor sooner could save lives.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a campaign designed to encourage people to visit their GP if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of lung cancer. Early diagnosis is key to boosting survival rates, but not enough people are taking their symptoms seriously until it is too late. This awareness month is also the time to pay attention to the experiences of those with lung cancer and their families, and showing that they have support and encouragement from those involved in their care.

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