World Autism Acceptance Week
2 April, 2024 (All day) to 8 April, 2024 (All day)

Mark your calendars because World Autism Acceptance Week is coming up! Every year on April 2nd, people around the world celebrate Autism Awareness Day to increase understanding and acceptance of individuals on the autism spectrum.

But that’s not all – during the first week of April, we also celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week, which takes things to the next level by promoting inclusivity and celebrating the strengths of those with autism.

Why get involved?

Autistic people face discrimination and barriers across all sectors of society – in the health and social care systems, in education, in employment, and everywhere in between. It is crucial that autistic people, and their families and carers, can access tailored information, guidance and support to overcome those barriers, along with opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills and build friendships for fulfilled lives.

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