Advice NI - Bespoke Training

Advice NI can offer in-house training and/or workshops at a time, date or location convenient to you. We can amend existing courses to meet your specific needs or fully develop courses based on your training requirements.

Off the shelf courses available

Any of the training in our training brochure can be offered on a bespoke basis. Additional off-the-shelf courses that we can offer include:

  • Preparing for Retirement – ½ day course
  • Lone Working and Welfare Reform – 1 day course
  • Financial Inclusion and Welfare Reform – ½ day course
  • Age Awareness and Working with Older People – 2 day course
  • An Introduction to Older People’s Benefits – 2 day course
  • Understanding State Retirement Pension – 2 day course
  • State Pension Reform – ½ day course
  • Health Rights and Services for Older People – 2 day course
  • Community Care and Older People – 2 day course
  • Housing and Older People – 2 day course
  • Identifying and Managing Tenant Debt – 1 day course
  • An Overview of Welfare Benefits (Existing System) - ½ day course
  • An Introduction to Benefits and Tax Credits (Existing System) - 2 day course
  • Money Advice: Better Budgeting – ½ day course
  • Money Advice: Savvy Borrowing – ½ day course
  • Money Advice: Coping with Money Problems – ½ day course
  • Money Advice: Talking about Money at Home – ½ day course
  • An Introduction to Customer Service – ½ day course
  • An Introduction to Younger People’s Benefits (Coming Soon) – ½ day course
  • Money Management - 1 day course

Tailor made training

We can also develop alternative training packages to suit your organisational needs, for example, bringing together aspects of existing courses, or developing fully bespoke training in an area that you require.

We have designed and delivered truly unique training to a range of organisations from local services such as Age Concern Causeway to regional organisations such as Fold Housing and local authorities such as Fermanagh District Council.

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