BDA Work Ready - An Introduction To Mindful Eating

We all have good and bad days but what and when we eat can influence our mood, energy, focus and how we deal with stress at work.

Work Ready workshops and webinars can be delivered online or face-to-face. They start with a myth busting quiz to sort fact from fiction. Then we give tips on food groups and meal times. This supports better nutrition, moving more and stress management for healthier working lives.

Everyone gets a factsheet to identify small changes for their personal lifestyle. Staff can then use this knowledge to make changes. These are thorough and fun interventions for employee wellbeing.

An introduction to mindful eating

Every day we make many decisions about our diet. We don't only think about what we eat, but when, why, how fast and how much. Some decisions are conscious but many are without thinking.

Research suggests that being mindful when eating can help improve physical and mental health. It will let us get more pleasure from food, reduce overeating and build positive healthy habits.

This webinar provides an introduction to the area of mindful eating. It will explore some of the evidence and give you practical tips. Come along and learn how to integrate the benefits into your busy life.

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