Beat - SPOT (Online Training for Schools)

SPOT (Schools Professionals Online Training) encompasses a range of interactive learning webinar videos delivered by our expert eating disorder clinicians, E-learning modules and weekly Q&A sessions with an eating disorder clinician and Lived Experienced Ambassador.  The platform also enables school professionals to post questions on a community forum to share advice with their peers.

SPOT aims to increase understanding of eating disorders, including how to spot the early signs in children of primary school age. Research has shown that the earliest opportunity to prevent eating disorders is during primary school, with children showing concerns about physical appearance at an increasingly young age.

By accessing SPOT, you will be taught how to spot the early signs of an eating disorder, talk to a pupil exhibiting them, engage their families, and support them to seek medical assessment.

Our downloadable resources will enable school professionals to cascade learning to students though our tools and ideas on awareness raising events, 3 lesson plans centered around students learning more about mental health, coping with difficult feelings and self-esteem.  You will also have access to school policies to help ensure that your school has an approach to eating disorders within school, offering guidance for all staff.

SPOT is designed to enable school professionals to help pupils into treatment quickly.

SPOT is currently funded for primary schools in:

  • Nationwide across the UK

And for secondary schools:

  • Nationwide across the UK

If you are a school professional in these areas, please click here to Access SPOT.

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