Informing Choice NI - Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE) Training

This programme is intended to be suitable for a range of staff members, for example those working in residential and day care services, community and outreach support roles, care managers, staff in multidisciplinary teams, and advocates.

One-day RSE training


  • To enable participants to look at what RSE training means for them.
  • To examine how who we are can influence our work.
  • To enable participants to become increasingly confident in their use of appropriate language when discussing topics concerning sex and sexuality.
  • To enable participants to clarify and explain terms relating to sex, sexuality to young people.

Learning outcomes

  • Examine barriers to the implementation of sexuality topics within their working environment.
  • To reflect on personal and professional values relating to sexuality in general and in the context of working with young people.
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of individuals role around RSE.
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of having a sexuality policy in place in your organisation as part of your participation in this project.

Maximum number of participants – 20 per course. You can view the full training brochure here.

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