NICHS - Workplace Well Webinars

Our interactive webinars empower people to make informed lifestyle changes that will reduce their risk of developing chest, heart and stroke illnesses. Webinars are available on a wide range of topics, providing the information and tools needed to enable employees to look after and improve their health. Bespoke webinars to suit your business needs can also be produced and delivered.

Topics you can choose from include:

  • Stress
    • Signs & symptoms
    • Link between stress and ill health
    • Stress management tools
  • Support your Wellbeing
    • What is a Solution Focused Approach?
    • Using the Solution Focused Approach to support wellbeing
    • Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing
  • Sleep
    • Sleep recommendations
    • Science of sleep
    • 4 pillars of good sleep & practical solutions
  • Healthy Eating
    • Nutrients for heart health
    • Portion control
    • Hydration
    • Food & mood
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
    • What makes a balanced diet?
    • Store cupboard ingredients
    • Batch cooking & food storage
  • Healthy Heart
    • Why we need to maintain a healthy heart
    • What influences your heart health?
    • How to reduce your risk
  • Physical Activity: An Active Day
    • Why physical activity is important
    • How much do we need?
    • What an active day looks like
  • Physical Activity: Strengthening
    • How much do we need?
    • How can we keep strong and flexible?
    • Working it into our day
  • Alcohol
    • How alcohol affects the body
    • What is binge drinking?
    • How to reduce your risk
  • Smoking
    • How smoking affects the body
    • E-cigarettes and vaping
    • Stopping smoking
  • Know your Signs & Symptoms
    • Chest Illness
    • Heart Conditions
    • Stroke
  • Know your ABCs
    • Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
    • Blood Pressure
    • Cholesterol

We also offer a range of Bitesize 10-Minute Motivational videos, which aim to encourage employees to make small healthy changes to their lifestyle.

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