Relate NI - Family Counselling

Family relationship support can be helpful for supporting relationships within the family system, as well as their impacts on individual family members. We work with all kinds of families, including adopted families, blended families, families with LGBTQ+ individuals or families who may be in the process of separating.

Parents, caregivers, children, siblings and extended family or even others who are not strictly related but are important within your family unit can take part in family counselling. Children however will not take part in the initial consultation. Many of the families we support will reach out to us because they are experiencing one or more of the following issues;

  • Behavioural issues of children or teenagers
  • Emotional or wellbeing issues of one or more family member
  • Difficulties communicating and managing unhelpful conflict
  • Difficulties resolving issues around difference and diversity
  • Relationship breakdown, including parental separation or divorce
  • Adjusting to new family dynamics as a result of new relationships or endings
  • Disputes around parenting styles including the influence of extended family and in-laws
  • A significant life transition such as a child leaving home or a bereavement
  • Where a family issue remains unresolved and nothing else seems to be working

If you or your family are experiencing any of these difficulties or other challenges, therapeutic support can help you focus on your family system and find ways to resolve difficulties and concerns in your relationships with one another.

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