RNID - Workplace BSL Training

We offer 3 different types of remote BSL training courses to help you and your staff communicate with people whose first or preferred language is BSL. British Sign Language (BSL) is a language used by deaf people to communicate using hand signs, gestures, facial expressions and lip patterns. It’s a totally different language to English. 

Our remote training courses can help you and your staff have a basic conversation with colleagues and customers whose first or preferred language is BSL.  All courses are delivered by people who are deaf or have hearing loss for first hand experiential learning. 

Types of BSL training courses 

1) Start to sign 

This remote sign language course is delivered by one of our experienced deaf trainers. The 3-hour session covers: 

  • BSL background and Deaf culture 
  • how BSL differs from English 
  • BSL structure 
  • visual and non-visual signs 
  • facial expressions
  • signing space 
  • useful everyday signs – including greetings, numbers, time, questions, fingerspelling and Deaf etiquette. 

2) BSL taster 

This remote BSL taster session is delivered by one of our experienced deaf trainers. 

The 1-hour silent session covers: 

  • the BSL alphabet 
  • useful signs, such as greetings, common phrases, visual signs and non-visual signs 
  • the importance of positioning and facial expressions 
  • company sign. 

3) BSL for beginners e-learning 

Your staff will benefit from flexible learning by using a range of: 

  • informal video clips 
  • receptive practice 
  • short quizzes
  • vocabulary. 

The course will give your staff the confidence and skills they need to communicate effectively with deaf customers. 

The course is hosted on an online learning hub by Signature, the awarding body for British Sign Language qualification. It’s been designed so staff members can study at their own pace. Progress is logged and sections can be revisited at any time.

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