World Ovarian Cancer Day
8 May, 2024 (All day)

Cancer is never a happy subject to contemplate. But despite the specter of it in all our lives, we now have the scientific tools to fight back. Ovarian cancer is a particularly harmful and misunderstood form of the disease. World Ovarian Cancer Day, therefore, is an opportunity to bring women together from across the globe to raise awareness and help fight this condition.

World Ovarian Cancer Day

Ovarian cancer is a major disease, responsible for some 140,000 deaths globally every year. However, as with many other gynaecological disorders, it is not particularly well understood, especially in some developing regions. For that reason, the charity, Target Ovarian Cancer, spearheaded World Ovarian Cancer Day, a global initiative to highlight the plight of women with the condition and provide hope.

World Ovarian Cancer Day, the organiser’s hope, will help to encourage governments and private institutions to dedicate more resources to the field. With enough money and scientific investigation, survival rates can improve, just as they have for other forms of cancer. 

Ovarian cancer occurs in the ovaries – the sac-like structures containing human egg cells in women – causing a host of complications. Women with the condition typically develop bloating, difficulty eating, pain in the abdominal area, and an increased need to urinate. Even though ovarian cancer is the eighth most common in the world, medics still frequently misdiagnose it. There is a need, therefore, for greater awareness and improved diagnostic equipment.