Manager Awareness - Employee Financial Wellbeing - Recording

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Money worries can be embarrassing to admit to and difficult to talk about. To access a recording of the recent webinar delivered by Kith & Kin Financial Wellbeing please click here Manager Awareness - Money and Mental Health

This awareness session aims to support and help managers to spot the signs of when something might be going wrong and feel confident to have a conversation with their staff member in a non-judgemental setting.

This session will cover:-

  • Money & Mental Health - the signs to spot - self isolating, change in personality, tiredness etc.
  • Only 3% of staff would contact a manager if they had a money problem - Why is that?
  • Making Money less of a taboo subject in the office
  • How to approach staff when you think they may be having issues.
  • The issue could be Health, relationships, etc but money may be part of the issue, so how to carefully dig a little deeper.
  • Where to signpost staff to who may need help.
  • Keeping track after the employee is signposted, aftercare