National Heart Month
1 February, 2024 (All day) to 29 February, 2024 (All day)

Coinciding with Valentine's Day, February is recognized as National Heart Month, shedding light on the staggering reality that 7.6 million individuals in the UK live with coronary heart disease.

Living with a heart condition can affect all areas of your life, including work, family, travel, intimacy, driving, and even mundane tasks like moving around the home or getting dressed.

Every day, your heart beats around 100,000 times, pumping 23,000 litres of blood around your body – and is a vital component of your cardiovascular system.

Problems with your cardiovascular system can take many forms, but the most common issues are heart attack, stroke, and angina. These problems arise when fatty deposits narrow the arteries over time, hindering the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

Understanding the complexities of heart function is not an easy process, but since every individual possesses a heart, every person is susceptible to disease or complications.

The silver lining lies in the fact that simple modifications to diet and fitness can significantly benefit your heart health. Setting realistic and achievable goals, such as committing to a 30-minute daily walk, can make a substantial difference. Remember that everyday activities contribute to overall activity levels, even household chores.

Prioritizing a heart-friendly diet involves incorporating -

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Plenty of starchy foods as bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta
  • Opting for wholegrain options whenever possible
  • Some milk and dairy products – choose lower fat
  • Some meat, fish, eggs, and beans
  • Non-dairy sources of protein
  • Limiting consumption of high-fat and/or sugary foods and drinks is crucial.

Making modest adjustments to your exercise routine and dietary habits will make a huge impact on your health and your heart.


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