Protecting Your Business

If you are self-employed or running a business, fraud and cyber security should be high on your agenda. It might not sound like the most glamorous part of running a business, but anything you can do to reduce the risk of financial loss is fundamental to the success or survival of your organisation. Take time now to explore the advice offered on this website, and learn what steps you can take to protect your business from fraud.

In addition, the links below will take you to the National Cyber Security Centre website, which has a wealth of information and advice to help you become more cyber secure.

Cyber security advice for self-employed and sole traders 

  • Cyber security advice to protect your business and the technology you rely on.

Cyber security advice for small and medium sized organisations 

  • Cyber security advice for businesses, charities, clubs and schools with up to 250 employees.

Cyber Action Plan 

  • This free tool offers a personalised action plan to help protect your business against cyber attacks. Just answer a few simple questions to get started.

Free online training for staff 

  • This free, easy-to-use training takes less than 30 minutes to complete and will help you and your staff keep your business safe from cyber attacks.

Check Your Cyber Security tool 

  • This free service will check your website, email and browser at the click of a button – then show you how to fix any vulnerabilities.

Cyber Essentials 

  • Once you have the basics in place, you may like to adopt the Cyber Essentials scheme. This will protect your businesses against the most common cyber attacks and demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you have good cyber security in place.

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