Recovery From Fraud

If you or your business have been on the receiving end of fraudulent activity, you’re not alone. In just one year, 1 in 17 adults in England and Wales were victims of fraud. That’s almost 3 million of us.

Finding out it’s happened to you can be a heart-sinking moment, as it can have financial, practical and emotional consequences. The whole experience can affect people’s sense of trust, security and confidence. But the stress can be eased if you know how to start putting things right.

When you report fraud, you can be offered support to help you deal with the experience. This can cover the practical steps to recover any money or data you’ve lost, and also emotional support.

In England and Wales

If you’ve been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime and have reported this to Action Fraud, you may be put in contact with the Action Fraud National Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (AF-NECVCU).

The aim of AF-NECVCU is to make victims feel safer, help them to recover from the crime and reduce the likelihood of them becoming a victim again. The service is provided by a team of specialists who tailor their advice to victims’ needs in a professional, sensitive and empathetic manner.

You can also access free advice and support through a national charity called Victim Support. Scroll down for details on how to contact them.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland

You can access free advice and support through the charity Victim Support. You can make contact with them yourself, or you can be referred by your local police force when you report fraud to them. Find out how to contact Victim Support services in your area below.

Contacting Victim Support

Victim Support is a national charity that offers independent, free and confidential advice to victims of crime and traumatic incidents.

If you’re in England and Wales:

If you’re in Scotland:

  • Call the Victim Support Scotland Helpline on 0800 160 1985 (lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm)
  • Or visit the website for more information and other ways to make contact.

If you’re in Northern Ireland:

To make an appointment to speak to someone from Victim Support NI, call the Hub closest to you:

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