Our lifestyle choices play an important part in the quality of our lives, and indeed our physical and emotional health. Staying active, sleeping well and enjoying life in moderation can help you feel fresh, alert and aware of your body and mind as well as help those around you!

In this topic, all information and support is provided by our local community partners: Sustrans NI, The Sleep Council, Age NI, The Consumer Council, Cancer Focus, NHS and Public Health Agency.

Whether you want to learn more for yourself or want to help someone close to you, you’ve came to the right place. This is where you’ll find articles, videos, news, tools and apps and even services and opportunities you can get involved in alongside our community partners!

Learn more on alcohol, how much is safe to drink and discover handy ways to track your intake. Get fit! There’s lots of free apps that can help, why not take on the Couch to 5K challenge? We have everything you’ll need. Understand calories, how you can maintain a healthy weight, and explore your free 12 week weight loss programme. Or, save money and boost your financial health with lots of practical tools to help you budget and even switch and save!

If you would like to quit smoking, we break down the local services available to you, and you can even browse the amazing apps that can help you stop, right from your pocket. You can also read up on sleeping and ageing well. Watch short videos on how to create the perfect sleep environment or download your free 30 day sleep plan!