Why Report Fraud?

Cyber Security

Nobody should feel embarrassed about reporting fraud. Fraudsters will use any means they can to convince people to hand over their hard-earned money.

Staff HealthWell Newsletter May 2024

Men's Health / Women's Health / Workplace Health


Please see attached below our HealthWell May Newsletter for all EA Staff.

If you have any questions on the content please email healthandwellbeing@eani.org.uk 

Top Tips On Navigating A Family Gathering Alcohol-Free

Alcohol Guidance

If you’re trying to cut back on or cut out alcohol but come from a family with a heavy drinking culture, navigating family events alcohol-free can be really challenging.

Helping people live better with arthritis

Arthritis/Back Pain/Joint Pain

Arthritis Action is a UK charity helping people live better with Arthritis.

National Walking Month 2024

Get Fit / Healthy Weight

May is Living Streets' National Walking Month! Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve our health and stay connected to our community, helping us feel less lonely and isolated.

Diet & Dementia Risk

Dementia / Healthy Diet

There is conflicting research about how the things you eat affects the risk of developing dementia.

Does a Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of dementia?

The Moment I Realised Drinking Wasn’t Right For Me

Alcohol Guidance

As we drive into Sober Spring, ACUK's Community Champions and staff have shared the moment they realised their drinking needed to change.

The Consumer Council Busts Some Costly Food Myths

Food Safety / Healthy Diet

With the price of a weekly grocery shop so high, the last thing we want to do is throw food out unnecessarily.  However, at times it seems unavoidable that food goes-off before we get the chan

Stress Awareness Month: What Is Stress?

Mental Health

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your to-do list seems endless, deadlines are fast approaching and you find yourself saying ‘Eek! I feel stressed!’?

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