Healthy Diet

Eating Well During Menopause

Public Health Agency

Healthy eating advice for during the perimenopause and menopause, taken by Registered Dietitian Fiona Armstrong, based in Northern Ireland. 

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1. I’m struggling to lose weight, what should I do? 

Speak to your GP and they may be able to refer you to a dietitian. 

2. Should I take a supplement which says it helps with menopause symptoms? 

We do not recommend these supplements as there is not enough evidence to confirm that they are effective and safe. If you plan to take any check with your GP or pharmacist to ensure there are no interactions with other medications. 

3. I’m thinking about quitting work because my symptoms are so bad. 

Speak with your GP to see if there are any treatments they would recommend for you and discuss with your work place to see what arrangements can be made. 

4. Where can I buy soy/soya products? 

These can be bought in most supermarkets. There is usually a range of soya products in the chilled and store cupboard sections of the store.