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Find out how to eat more sustainably to benefit your health and the environment with Registered Nutritionist Jemma Theobald. 

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Q: I’d like to eat less meat but don’t know where to begin making changes to my diet.  

A: Start with small changes e.g. substituting half of the usual ground meat used in cooking with lentils or beans. Small consistent changes will make it easier to maintain in the long term. Check out these food swaps for more ideas: 

Q: I’m on a low income. I would like to eat more sustainably but worried it will cost more? 

A: It won’t be more expensive to eat sustainably - in fact the opposite! Meat can be expensive so opting for plant based proteins can save you money. Eating foods that are in season, planning meals and shopping well can save you money too. Try to reduce your food waste, freeze foods near expiration and batch cook were possible.

Q: I’ve noticed lots of plant based ‘ready meals’ at the supermarket. Are these a healthier choice? 

A: It’s important to read food labels to make an informed choice. Ready meals are highly processed and can contain high levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar and are generally more expensive to buy than whole foods.