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Are you wondering how to fuel your body best for sport or exercise? Learn the basic fundamentals of sports nutrition from Registered Dietitian Vanessa McMinn to help you fuel correctly and enhance performance. 

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1. Where can I find a sports dietitian or registered sports nutritionist?

If you click on the link, it will take you to the British Dietetic Association “Find a Dietitian” and put “Sports” into the search bar, It will bring up a list of all the Dietitians who specialise in sports nutrition. 

Alternatively, you can also go to SENr register to find a registered sports nutritionist.

2. Is it common to have gastric upset when running?

Gastric upset is very common and can have a number of causes, i.e. too much caffeine, a irregular meal pattern, eating certain foods at a time that is more likely to cause upset, fibre intake, bacteria content of the gut or possibly just nerves (if it’s a competition). If the symptoms are particularly bad, please do ask your GP to refer you to a Dietitian or speak with a sports dietitian/registered sports nutritionist.