Dry January Setbacks

Alcohol Guidance

When you’ve faced a setback, it is important to figure out what went on. There are a couple of common setback styles that are useful to be aware of. But what if you feel like the universe is throwing you an alcohol reference at every turn?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can ever escape alcohol? It’s everywhere right? From billboards to offers in store, to TV soaps centred around the pub. When we start to think about our drinking, we suddenly become aware of a whole world of pushes to drink that we didn’t even know were there. It’s like entering the Matrix.

With all these pushes around us, staying strong can be really hard, but not impossible. Here are a few tips for the next time you’re faced with yet another reminder:

  • Consciously notice the alcohol messages and think about who they’re aimed at and why. Once you’re outside the Matrix and start to see the different ‘pushes’, they’re much easier to resist. That’s the power of observation right here.
  • If it seems as though everyone drinks, it’s good to be around people who don’t, and don’t miss it. If you haven’t got friends joining you this Dry January, check out our online community group. Even if you just want to stay in the background and take it all in, our vibrant and supportive community is always there for you.
  • Thankfully venues are changing, and the alcohol-free options are ever growing, so feel confident to ask for the alcohol-free list or what alternative the waiter would recommend with your meal when you are out and about this January (and beyond).
  • Stock up on some fancy tonic waters or cordials and make your own refreshing concoctions. Garnishes such as fresh mint add a refreshing touch. You can still enjoy all the perks of having a moment to yourself with an alcohol-free alternative.

Remember that when we are aware of these influences and take a step back to observe, it actually gives us an opportunity to learn to respond differently. You can walk away with your head held high knowing that you hold the power, and are not powerless to the booze.

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