Man Manual: Challenges and Choices

Research shows that there are many challenges to be faced when seeking to improve men’s health. However, it also highlights that men’s health can be improved in many significant ways - if the right choices are made. Men, themselves, have a key role to play in this process.

One of the most successful and sought-after elements of previous Men’s Health Weeks has been the ‘Challenges and Choices’ Man Manual

The ‘Challenges and Choices’ booklet is a male-friendly, 32-page publication, which highlights ten key men’s health issues i.e. alcohol, food, physical activity, smoking, stress, blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, skin cancers, back care and help-seeking behaviour. It was written by leading men’s health expert Dr Ian Banks (internationally acclaimed men’s health author, President of the European Men’s Health Forum, the British Medical Association’s Spokesperson on Men’s Health, and a resident of Northern Ireland).

This Manual: issues a realistic and practical challenge to improve the reader’s health in each area of concern; provides a reason for why it is important to consider taking action in relation to each issue; offers three possible choices for what actions can be taken to combat each condition; signposts the reader to local sources of help and support.

Click the link below to view and download the manual for yourself or for the men in your life

Man Manual: Challenges and Choices